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EOE Bearings USA LLC,an international trading company, specializes in import-export of bearings and industrial machinery equipments. With years of rich experience in bearing supporting and industrial service, we have gained good reputation in Europe, America, Australia as well as Middle East and South Africa. As an authoritative import& export company, with the license to run import-export business on our own...

When the bearing damage may lead to equipment is not expected to stop. Even stop every hour, because the bearing early damage may cause huge production loss, especially in the capital intensive production.
bearing selection: professional bearing technology according to the matching products use conditions and choose load bearing installation of bearing: with the correct installation technology and knowledge and the right tools, in order to ensure that the bearing damage.
proper maintenance: monitoring proper lubrication and maintenance plan and bearing condition is also bearing the highest life play a key. worry-free operation: due to bearing caused by the shutdown risk to a minimum, and to ens...